Interiorscaping with Plants

Our love for plants extends to the indoors as well, and our interiorscaping and houseplant maintenance programs help businesses and homeowners maintain healthy plants that, in turn, provide healthy indoor environments.

NASA research has shown that plants can remove many of the toxins emitted by the many synthetic components of the indoor environment, including paint, carpet and furnishings. Indoor plants can remove these off-gassed components in as little as 24 hours! Not only do plants make your office and home beautiful, but also they are proven to improve air quality and employee and residents’ moods.

Garden’s Grace can help you select the best plants for your space and then design a maintenance program that will keep the plants healthy for a long time to come. Are you looking for ideas on how to give your indoor spaces some “zing” with plants? Our trained gardeners will tend your plants to provide the best growing environment possible, which, in turn, can reduce the chance of pest problems. Call us today and we can help!