What We Do

We offer a wide range of commercial and residential property services. These services listed here are examples of what we do.

Commercial HOA

Garden’s Grace can design and maintain green spaces, parks, bike trails, clubhouses, common areas and roundabouts on commercial and multi-owner properties.
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Garden’s Grace offers design, installation and maintenance of gardens, landscaping, and other outdoor living areas. Services include weeding, planting and trimming and more on a convenient scheduled basis.
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Garden’s Grace can design and develop beautiful outdoor spaces for restful solitude or entertaining guests with natural stone, water, and plants. Outdoor areas are planned according to your preferences, space and budget.
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Garden’s Grace skilled horticulturists can install patios, edging, water features, and stone work plus incorporating flowers and greenery for a beautiful finished look.
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Gardening with the Environment

Our crews have been trained to work with nature in creating improved plant health and building landscapes which solve problems associated with climate change, erosion, excessive rainfall, drought and insect and disease issues.  More on Gardening with the Environment

Our customers trust us beyond just landscapers, but as their “garden keeper.” Here are some testimonials.

Interiorscaping with Plants

We service the interiorscape needs of businesses and homes, using our knowledge to help find the right plants and conditions to ensure the plants meet your aesthetic needs while thriving.

Seasonal switchouts are also available to meet the changing needs for entertaining and other events. More on Interiorscaping with Plants.