About us

Kenna Neighbors

Kenna Neighbors

Kenna Neighbors started Garden’s Grace in 1996 to pursue her life’s passion of making beautiful gardens. Since then Garden’s Grace has served as a horticultural resource for the Des Moines metropolitan area, offering clients a full range of services from design to installation and landscape care. We employ organic material and environmentally safe methods whenever possible and tailor our services to each client’s needs and wants.

Kenna’s vision for Garden’s Grace is to become a trusted caretaker for with your personal outdoor living spaces.  Gardens Grace becomes your “garden’s keeper” rather than just landscapers. Our team members are trained horticulturists who share Kenna’s passion for gardening and care for the environment.  As we share our talents with you, we strive to work in harmony with you and nature’s beauty.



Glenna Walker

This is my 5th season with Garden’s Grace and my 17th year working in the field of horticulture.  I’ve always loved gardening and learning more about it.  I’ve found there is something new to learn everyday.  It’s fascinating!  So if you see me on site and have any questions–I’d love to talk plants with you.  My best day is when a customer will express their joy in their gardens, especially if I’ve had a hand in making those gardens beautiful!

Mission Statement

Garden’s Grace provides quality horticulture services in an efficient and timely manner to commercial and residential clients’ landscapes in Des Moines and the surrounding area. Garden’s Grace is committed to honest and respectful relationships within its employees and with our clientele.

Vision Statement

We are committed to the following values:
Green, treating the environment kindly and safely
Attentive to our clients’ needs and to details of our service
Relationships built on honesty/good communication are essential
Diligent in all of our interactions with clients, vendors and coworkers
Efficient and timely in our service to others
Nature is our guide using best practices to create healthy landscapes