Start Pruning Your Life: Cutting Back to Grow More


It’s that time of the year that you should be thinking of pruning back some of those overgrown shrubs and trees.  This truly is the perfect time of the year to see the branching of the plants to properly prune. With leaves off of plants one can see many issues.  One issue can be criss-crossing of branches.  Branches that are crossing sometimes lead to areas where there is rubbing of the wood-causing rubbing of the wood where disease and insects  can burrow inside.  Another advantage to dormant pruning is one is able to see dead, diseased or injured wood. Pruning cuts made during the dormant season have time to heal before the plant produces new growth in spring.  When Spring comes around and the leaves start filling in, it can be too late. Often, I see other companies go in to prune with gas powered shears in the Summer, with no thought for the actual growth of the plant or tree. In the end you are dealing with a very ugly and unnatural looking ball that does not represent the actual beauty of the specimen you are growing. This also can lead to disease of the plant as the tighter the ball the less air movement.  The other advantages of pruning in spring are simple: pests and disease is drastically cut down. Pruning during late Spring, Summer and early Fall makes plants more vulnerable to an assortment of disease and pests. Pruning during the Spring gives you the upper hand on properly training your shrubs and trees. Dormant pruning is pretty simple and highly effective. In the end it will save you time and money. Do the proper thing and contact us for a free estimate!