The magic of water in the garden

There is something about the sound of water in the garden. Perhaps it reminds us of time spent in the wild, camping or hiking or picnicking. The gurgles, splashes and tinkles add depth and deepens our sense of spaciousness.

There are many ways to add water to your landscape, some very small, others large. There are a variety of pre-made and do-it-yourself kits for birdbaths and rock basins with pumps that recirculate water, creating sound as well as an attraction for garden wildlife.

Garden’s Grace recently installed a pondless waterfall–basically a recirculating short stream bed with a falls at the top and a basin at the bottom. Boulders and river rock are common materials used in the construction of such features. Skilled design of such water features can create low-maintenance additions to the garden that work in harmony with the garden’s overall theme, be it native, modern or somewhere in between.

Ponds with falls are often used in larger gardens and enable the use of garden plants at home in water like Colocasia (Elephant Ears), Cypress and water lilies.

Take a look at the following images that show the process that resulted in our most recent water addition to a Des Moines  garden.





















As always, don’t hesitate to contact Garden’s Grace to help you discover ways to add water to your landscape!

Blog written by Anne Larson, Des Moines area horticulturist and writer for Iowa Gardener Magazine, and a weekend associate with Miller Nursery.