Cold outside? Heat it up with garden talk!

Garden's Grace rose

So what if it’s subzero windchill outdoors? We are Iowans! We brave cold and caucuses and melting heat indexes! Soon we’ll be waking robins chirping, so for now, we gardeners will be making lemonade out of those lemons, and here is how!

Garden events galore!

No reason to sit home huddling under blankets. There are classes and garden shows and workshops to attend to whet our appetite for the season ahead. Here is a quick run down!

The Home and Garden show is happening this weekend, but coming up in March is the Des Moines Outdoor Living Show.  Running March 11-13 at the Iowa Events Center, there will be booths and demonstrations and the lovely smell of fresh growing flowers to reinvigorate us.  The next week  is the Iowa Flower, Lawn and Garden Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, running March 18-20. Again, garden displays, decorating ideas and  other outdoor ideas will be featured.


Garden's Grace Garden Activity RoundupGarden classes inspire

So what if you are interested in expanding your idea bank for this year’s garden? Then try one of the many garden talks going on weekly at area public gardens and garden centers.

The Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens is one toasty and inspiring location to build your garden repertoire. For instance, on Saturday, Feb. 20, there will be two morning sessions, one at 10:30 featuring Tara Dudley talking on “Shade Gardening” and a second at 11:30 featuring Matthew Bailey on “Climate-friendly Gardening.” Click the Greater DM Botanical Garden link at the beginning of this paragraph to learn more about how to attend.

Or if you are more of a naturalist, maybe you would like to learn about bee keeping? Then check out the class on Saturday, March 12, from 10 to noon at Ted’s Garden Center. You’ll learn about how to get started on this important earth-keeper hobby that yields some sweet rewards!

Garden's Grace seed searchingGetting growing!

If you haven’t gotten your fill of browsing and dreaming up your gardens for the coming season, maybe you need to dig into some more garden catalogs. One easy place to start is at

And while the actual time to start growing indoor seed is a little further on, you can get your supplies and plan together to get your hands dirty and begin growing your seeds indoors. One of the best garden planners we’ve found is at the web site of Margaret Roach’s Away to Garden” blog. Some additional seed starting pointers can be found at Fine Gardening’s web site or your local Extension service.

angelina fall foliageGet outdoors and see what’s happening!

Did you know that Vernal Witchhazel blooms in February in Iowa? Or that Angelina Sedum carries some of its most gorgeous hues in the winter months? And have you noticed how red Redosier Dogwood gets in the winter? Get out and explore! Look for hints of winter wildlife, be it bunnies, fox or deer!


IMG_0944.JPG copyDream and plan

If you are looking for someone to get you started on making your garden fantasies come true this season, Garden’s Grace is always at the ready to begin the process, explore your ideas and put the plans to paper for you to get a head start.

The days are getting longer and Spring is just around the corner, so turn that winter frown upside down, and get your garden juices flowing today!