How to add beautiful colors to your landscape

“Gardening is like landscape painting to me. The garden is the canvas. Plants, containers and other garden features are the colors. I paint on the garden of canvas hoping to create a master piece with my colors.”
Ama H.Vanniarachchy

One of the joys of summer gardens is the explosion of color that is possible. Color functions in so many ways–focal points, guiding the eye through the bed through repetition, providing visual resting places. Whites glow luminescently, giving solace even in the evening. Purples provide depth and mystery to the back of the garden. Greens are the foil for almost any flower or foliage color imaginable.

Here Garden’s Grace offers our dear readers a brief journey through the kaleidosope of the summer garden. If you’d like to learn more about our design and consulting services, call us at 515-559-3049!

lavendar rose  martha oakleaf



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salvia-peony Hakonechloa_macra_'Alboaurea' nepeta





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