Rain, Rain, Go Away?

With all of the rain that Central Iowa has been receiving, Garden’s Grace likes to think of good rainscaping practices! What is rainscaping? It is a collection of practices with one main goal, preventing unneeded water run off within your landscaping. One downspout from your home could send 7,500 gallons of water down your driveway in just one year’s time!

There are many ways to cut down on the run off your house and impervious surfaces cause, but here are two good ways to get you started!

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels collect and store water from your rooftop, this water can be used for watering your lawns and gardens. It ususally does not take very much time for the barrel to fill up, a 60 square foot roof can fill a 50 gallon rain barrel with only one inch of rain! The barrels usually sit at the corner of your house where your down spouts can be used to fill them up. When most home owners thinrain barrel 3k of rain barrels, they think of eyesores for their landscaping, but that is not always the case! Take a look at these photos of rain barrels, the barrels make a lovely focal point for your garden!rain barrel 2

When you buy a rain garden, most of them will come with a screen that helps keep debris from getting caught in your barrel. Remember, before the winter months you will need to empty the rain barrel out to keep it from freezing and cracking.

Native Prairie Planting

When designers and home owners incorporate native prairie plants into their landscaping, it helps bring nature and history back to our state.

There are many different choices of native plants that you can purchase to be included into your landscape, other than the few from above. Here is a link to give you more ideas. If you ever want to learn more about rainscaping practices, please read more at Rainscaping Iowa for more information.

Our crew leader, Glenna Walker and our general manager, Kate Jones are both certified in native landscaping and would love to answer any questions you may have! You can email us at gardensgracedm@gmail.com or check us out on Facebook! Tell us what you think about rainscaping or what practices you have been using in your landscape!

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