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With a teeny reprieve this weekend, some of us may get those last minute cages put around plants to protect them from critters and get that one hose wrapped up and put away.

While the garden looks great all settled in for the season, we now have time to turn our thoughts to indoor tasks–maybe oiling and cleaning tools, checking out the Christmas cactus that has begun to bud out or perhaps organizing our thoughts on what went well (or not) this past season in the garden. I’ve always thought it would be great to get started on a garden journal with notes, sketches, order forms, photos and to do lists. Like the Garden Journal and Planner I found today at

Winter is when gardeners get to dream. The seed catalogs will come later, after the holiday rush is over. Maybe you’ll start sketching out that new bed that will go beside the patio next year. Or think about removing an old border hedge and installing a native border with a variety of plants. Or read some of those GORGEOUS gardening books you picked up this summer!

We’d love to hear your ideas, and we’d love to help your dreaming process too, so Garden’s Grace is giving away a one hour FREE garden consultation, to answer questions, talk over ideas, cruise Pinterest over coffee or whatever! Just comment below on how YOU plan to keep your garden fires alive this winter and you’ll be entered in our randomly drawn contest, using Rafflecopter.

Contest runs from midnight Nov. 21 through midnight Nov. 28 and we’ll announce the winner in our blog and on our Facebook page, Pretty easy eh?

Just click on this link to enter our Rafflecopter giveaway and comment below. Just remember, entries will open at midnight, so make sure and come back and visit, OK? And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “Comment to win a free Garden’s Grace consultation!

  1. I’m finally going to make a big matrix/table on the computer. Plants listed down the left side. Months, pests, special info across the top and then coordinate all my gardening info for each plant. It should be easy to modify when I add and subtract plants.

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